We are the first non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the Bitcoin industry in the Philippines through education, representation, and community-building.
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Become a member and join our efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of developing the Bitcoin industry in the Philippines.
The Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines also acts as a collaborative networking group where Philippine registered Bitcoin businesses, individuals who are interested in Bitcoin, experienced individuals participating in the Bitcoin industry, and newcomers who seek to learn about Bitcoin can all get together and share ideas.
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Our mission
We seek to educate new members and the general public about Bitcoin by providing free Bitcoin-related resources and regular educational seminars.
We seek to represent the Bitcoin community and industry in corporate, government, and civic activities with a positive and proactive mindset.
Community Building
We seek to create harmony and solidarity within the community through open communication and social activities.
Let’s use Bitcoin as a tool for good, together.
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